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Professional Female Voice Actor

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Professional Female Voice Actor

Hello, I’m Sherylann and I would love to be your voice!

  • With theatre, voice acting, and audiobook narration experience, I have great versatility and a genuine disposition that can authentically capture your brand.
  • As an educator and a content creator, I have a unique grasp of understanding the learner in an educational learning project.
  • As a medic and nurse in the US Air Force with a passion for science, I have the background linguistics for your medical narration project.
  • As a mom and wife of 20 years who experienced love and tragedy, I am thoughtful, authentic, and relatable.
    When you need a voice that is corporate and confident, informative and friendly, or casual and conversational, I’m here to be attentive to your direction and strive to deliver exactly what you need every time.
    Training: US Air Force medic and trainer, Bachelor of Science Interdisciplinary Studies, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Rachel Alena Voice Studios, Edge Studios, Pat Fraley Voice Versatility, Paul Jenkins Audiobook Production, Peter Jenkins Voiceover, Life.


Trogmesner (5 Stars) – “Amazing experience! Sherylann captured the emotions
of the scene perfectly!!”
Mot1vate (5 Stars)- “Sherylannvoice did an amazing job working on our voiceover. She took the time to understand, and perfected the delivery so it was ready for use without any changes needed. We look forward to working with her!”



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